• - Boom length: 5 m

• - Intensity: 1200 cycles per day

• - Opening: 4 seconds

• - Built-in two-channel receiver

• - Opening angle: 90deg.


    Fan barriers, power fencing

    Fan barriers are ideal for mass events, where people have to be kept at a distance from the object, processions, roadway, scenes and so on.

    • - fully galvanized fence

    • - External tube diameter 38 mm, 16 mm horizontal

    • - pipe thickness: 1.5 mm exterior, horizontal 1.2 mm

    • - Distance between needles 120 mm

    • - Section: 2500x1000 mm

    • - Weight: 19 kg


    We offer for rent modern fencing such as police barriers. They have been successfully applied on the venues, to achieve the required level of comfort and safety. With such a fences artists will feel completely relaxed, as suddenly penetrate to them from the viewing area will not be possible. The use of such power fencing is especially good when a large croud of people where various forms of provocation can’t be excluded, the barriers will allow to reliably protect the speakers. Their height is optimal, and their design is made so that they successfully combined with other elements of the scene.



    • - Aluminum Fence

    • - Section: 2500h1200 mm

    • - Weight: 43 kg

    Metal poles with tape

    Intended to form a passage, overlapping enter-exit, zones isolating in the premises, etc. can be used for exhibitions, presentations, at the box office, at check-in counters and so forth. The advantages of tape fencing - mobility: the distance between the poles up to 2 m, easy to install and remove - no need to violate the integrity of the floor covering.

    Modern design corresponds to any design. Different types of poles are in stock, as well as the ribbon color selected by the customer from the available palette. Application to the tape of the logo of the customer.


    • - Height: 970 mm

    • - Diameter: 40 mm

    • - Base: 320 mm

    • - Material - stainless steel coated

    • - Coating color: gold

    • - conical base

    • - Weight - 7.7 kg


      Belt fence

      Belt fence - a great way to restrict access of people to different objects: to exhibits, to the passage in the room with limited access to dangerous objects.

      Belt fence are portable poles, with flexible fabric tape as a barrier. The tape extends from one rack toanother and secured with a special mechanism - the cassette.

      Cassette allows each pole to attach up to four tape that gives the opportunity to create any configuration of the movement direction.

      This type of fence does not require permanently fixing thanks to the great stability of poles. The distance between the poles can be from 500 mm to 2500 mm.

      Mobile tape fencing - the perfect solution for efficient queue management.

      "Heras" FENCES

      Heras fencing - designed for creating obstacles for unauthorized passage. We offer for rent a mobile fence Heras M200. Mobile fences Heras formed in straight lines with angles of 90 degrees and they are usually set in concrete blocks.

      Scope of mobile fences:

      • - Protected areas and construction sites

      • - Built-up areas of activities and projects

      • - Storage areas

      • - Dangerous areas during reconstruction period

      • - As partitions storage areas

      • - Zones of the machines and mechanisms

      • - Work areas and protection against theft of equipment and materials at lower levels Layher scaffolding, etc.

      The surface of the Heras fence is a good advertising space during the events. For example, fences Heras, are also a great to carry the advertising banners.


      • - Prefabricated mobile and galvanized fence that does not require mechanical equipment during assembly

      • - Each section consists of a solid frame (vertical pipe - 42 mm, horizontally - a diameter of 30 mm.) filled with mesh 4 mm cell 100 x 300 mm

      • - All the sections are installed in the support-base, size 770 x 250 x 160 mm, made of recycled PVC or concrete. Weight 23 kg

      • - The outer tube diameter of 42 mm, 30 mm horizontal

      • - pipe wall thickness: 1.5 external

      • - grid cell 100 x 200 mm

      • - Rod diameter of 4 mm. welded

      • - Section: 3500 x 2000 mm

      • - Connection: clamp and combination lock

      • - Weight: 23 kg


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