LED screens

Ultraslim 3 mm.

This model is specifically designed for areas with a minimum viewing distance (from 2 meters) with a high image quality. The model is based on a single-color SMD-LEDs.

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Podium and stage structures

Prolyte StageDEX podium structures

Prolyte StageDEX podiums or stage podiums is universal and most durable podium system on the market, which is commonly used to create a collapsible or temporary stage structures and scenes of unusual forms. To the base of this system was put tremendous experience, and proven technology manufacturing. This allow Polyte company to create a podium systems with high performance, small weight and withstand heavy loads.

Reliable podium design Prolyte to create your scene

This podium system is the most effective way of scenes construction that will satisfy all your needs and requirements. No matter what event you are organizing, whether it is a fashion show, presentation, wedding or disco - Podium system StageDEX can be easily adapted to your needs.

Prolyte company offers variety of items and accessories that will create almost any spatial stage structure. Podium system Prolyte StageDEX has a brilliant reputation and reliability, safety and ability to adapt to any event.

BOSCH Simultaneous interpretation systems

IR personal receiver BOSCH LBB 4540/08

8-channel digital receiver system of simultaneous interpretation Integrus.

These ergonomically designed receivers use the latest developments of electronic technology, including a specially designed IC for high performance and long battery life. The receivers can be used to transmit both speech and music.


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Sensor screens

Elo Touch Screen 15’’ 1519L


• - Housing color: Dark Grey

• - Weight: 4.8

• - Dimensions mm: 350x310x175

• - Display: Active Matrix TFT, 4x3

• - Workspace screen: 304x228 mm

• - Recommended resolution: 1024x768 at 60 Hz

• - The response time: 14.2 ms

• - Contrast: 500:1

• - Input video format: Analog VGA



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    TV Light

    Lamp Logocam CineLight 4-40 DMX luminescent.


    • - Ability to select the color temperature (3200/5500 K)

    • - Choice of lamp power (standard 40 W / 60 W increased)

    • - Unique high-frequency electronics (flicker free)

    • - Digital Brightness Control

    • - Lightweight mobility

    • - Can be mounted to any surface

    • - Use of special Cinema lamps with a perfect color reproduction (CRI-95) in a protective casing


    Recommended to use in studio and location shooting as a source of diffused lighting for shooting on 35mm and / or HD. In a group setting is ideal for uniform illumination of the working area. At single installation can be used to model the linear light source.


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    Radios and phones



    • - Built-in VOX function

    • - scrambling of the voice signal

    • - Emergency calls

    • - Nose reduction CTCSS / DCS

    • - 16 channels

    • - Output power 4W

    • - Scanning

    • - Dimensions 56x109x35

    • - Weight - 290 g

    Set includes: headset, charger.



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    PC laptops, tablets


    В начале 2010 года, появился планшетный компьютер ставший настоящей революцией в мире мобильных технологий. Уникальное устройство обладает функциональными возможностями - оно выполняет функции нетбука, смартфона, электронной книги, интернет-терминала и MID в одном устройстве. При этом Apple iPad очень компактен и удобен в использовании. И не надо бояться случайно разбить устройство. Задняя поверхность Apple iPad сделана из анодированного алюминия (этот материал используют в авиационной промышленности), что сводит к минимуму риск повреждений.


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    Office equipment

    Risograph (digital duplicator) Riso EZ 201


    EZ201 (A4) is a low-end model in the EZ series. Large papers density limit 46 to 157 g / m2 enables to produce a wide range of printed products. A3 flatbed scanner allows the use of larger and three-dimensional (brochure, book, folio) layout. High structural reliability, availability of all basic functions of image processing and the presence of a large number of user settings, make it possible to use this model for professional make copies.

    High performance allowing you to print thousands of copies in less than 8 minutes.


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    Projection screens

    Projection screen can help you fully enjoy the opportunities of modern projectors. Variety of existing brands allows you to choose the model that completely satisfy your needs.

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    Conference communication systems

    Organization of audio and video conferencing allow to organize remote negotiations, meetings and other events. You are in Petersburg, Your partner in Sydney ... with the help of this system you can quickly negotiate your contract. It is not secret that eye contact brings great results in negotiations. High-quality video conferencing - is the perfect solution in terms of saving time and budget.


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    BOSCH Conference systems

    Modern business conditions in large companies and institutions, from time to time need meetings and conferences with many participants. Whether it's business negotiations or presentation of the project to a customers, conference or congress of the political party - an event of this scale need not only a great organization, but also a special equipment, giving the opportunity for many people to speak, to exchange views and discuss in real time. For this meanings conference and congress systems can be used. In fact, such systems are a complex of equipment that allows the organizers not only provide a comfortable communication, but also to follow the protocol for such events.

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    Sound systems

    Sound systems

    Organizing event, you allways need a high-quality sound system, renting can be a great solution for you. No matter where the event will take place indoors or outdoors, rental of sound system - the best solution for such cases. Our company gives you the opportunity to rent professional sound equipment from the best producers such as DYNACORD, MEYER SOUND, JBL, YAMAHA, MIDAS, ALLEN & HEATH and etc.


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    Plasma screens

    Sony KDL-32EX720


    • - Diagonal: 32 "(81 cm)

    • - Supports 3D: yes

    • - Contrast Ratio: 7000: 1

    • - Angle: 170

    • - 16: 9 format

    • - Resolution: 1920x1080

    • - Built-in amplifier 2 x 10 W

    • - Computer Input Mini D-Sub (15-pin), BNC (R, G, B, H / CS and V), HDMI

    • - The OSD

    • - Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

    • - Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 755x480x42



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      Specifications Sony PMW-EX1:

      • -Wide format video mode

      • - Maximum video resolution - 1920x1080

      • - Support for high-definition video (Full HD)

      • - Shutter speed - 1/2000 - 1/33 sec

      • - Aperture - F1.9

      • - Zoom Optical - 14 x

      • - Minimum Illumination - 0.14 lux

      • - Weight - 2400 g

      • - Features - record on SxS PRO memory card

      • - Type of sensor - CMOS

      • - The number of sensors - 3

      • - Sensor - 2.07 Mpixel

      • - Sensor physical size - 1.2 "

      • - LCD screen



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      Video projecors

      The term video projector means a device that connects directly to a computer or video source (VCR, camcorder, etc.) instead of a computer monitor (computer monitor connected to the output of the projector) or TV to project the image onto a large screen.



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      Seamless screen Orion

      The Multi Plasma Display Panel (multicomponent scalability videowall) Orion. Installed in any configuration, both in width and height. Orion provides opportunities that have not been implemented in the technology of plasma panels. Video walls Orion Infinite is not only superior image quality, but also economy of occupied space. Plasma panels ORION are part of a modular design and allow you to make the screens of unlimited size. With a thickness of 8 cm and the possibility of comfortable viewing images with the minimum distance makes it ideal for exhibitions and conference rooms (scenes), under conditions of limited floor space.


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